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emoji_events Best Paper Award
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  1. Media Server Management for Communication Session
    Filed with Landon Cox in June 2021
  2. Data Stream Prioritization for Communication Session
    Filed with Landon Cox and Shadi Noghabi in June 2021
  3. Data Streaming Protocols in Edge Computing
    Filed with Ganesh Ananthanarayanan and Yuanchao Shu in June 2021
  4. Loss Recovery Using Streaming Codes in Forward Error Correction
    Filed with Michael Rudow, Ganesh Ananthanarayanan, and Martin Ellis in September 2021
    Granted as US11489620B1 in November 2022
  5. Wireless Parameter Limits for Predicted vRAN Resource Loads
    Filed with Anuj Kalia, Sanjeev Mehrotra, and Victor Bahl in May 2022
  6. Determining Reference Signal Transmission Times
    Filed with Neil Agarwal, Manikanta Kotaru, and Victor Bahl in May 2022