Sept 2021
We have a research internship opening for an RL-in-videoconferencing project I have been leading. Due to some special arrangement of this collaborative project between MSR Redmond & Asia, applicants must physically be present in China and will work from MSR Asia.
May 2021
My colleague Mike Liang at MSR Asia and I are seeking a research intern to work with us on microservices. The internship is affiliated with MSR Asia and requires the intern to be physically located in Beijing. Female candidates are encouraged to apply! Update: We recruited a female intern!
Apr 2021
I am glad to serve on the editorial board of the Journal of Systems Research (JSys). Looking forward to reading high-quality submissions to the networking area!
Apr 2021
You are invited to take on the Grand Challenge on Bandwidth Estimation for Real-Time Communications I am co-organizing. The prize pool is 7,500 USD! Submission deadline: June 25th July 19th, 2021.
Mar 2021
Check out the simple Chrome extension I developed to decode and display Microsoft Safe Links in a web page or email as the original URLs, making the links easier on the eyes while preserving the enhanced security.
Feb 2021
My intern positions at MSR/Azure and MSRA have been filled, but feel free to reach out if you are interested in joining a research project that applies ML/RL to systems and networking.